Parish Campus



The Church
Located on the northwest corner of historic Rittenhouse Square, the Church of the Holy Trinity is a stately brownstone structure designed by John Notman and built 157 years ago. Over the years, the interior of the church has been modified several times. Looking to the sides you observe 28 well-preserved stained glass windows. Looking up, you see a high barreled, hand-stenciled ceiling installed in the 1880s. Strolling down the 140 foot center aisle of the nave you reach the chancel which was expanded first in the 1880s and expanded and renovated yet again in 2008. The three murals directly on the back of the chancel depict the birth of Christ and commemorate the penning of the Christmas carol “O Little Town of Bethlehem” by our second rector, Phillips Brooks. To the right, you see a richly carved pulpit given in memory of Phillips Brooks in 1893. Further to the right is the newly-installed columbarium which was dedicated in November 2015. A more complete description of the architecture of the church can be found by clicking here.




Centennial Room
In the mid 20th century, at the time of its centennial, CHT excavated the area under the church to create a space for social events and mid-sized gatherings. The main area is approximately 60 feet by 40 feet with a large kitchen and adjacent storage rooms. This room is often used for parish social functions and hosts AA meetings and other 12-step groups every day of the week.




!cid_EB8B653D-34C6-4CA6-AD5E-6EE3E163FB36@homeParish House
This mansion, which is attached to the rear of the main church, was built in the 1880s and served at first as a rectory. In the early part of the 20th century, its use was converted from rectory to a Parish House. The building has 4 floors plus a full basement. The main floor houses administrative offices, a conference area and a small kitchen. The upper floors house clergy studies, choir room, choirmaster’s office, several Sunday school rooms, and a small apartment with kitchen and full bath. Much of the space in this building is underutilized and in need of significant renovation to increase access. Plans were developed for such renovations approximately 10 years ago but were never executed. There is a growing consensus that now is the time to pursue these renovations.




316 In Its Glory - I 035Rectory
CHT owns a 3-story, 2,606 square foot masonry townhouse that is located approximately 5 blocks east of the church. The home was purchased and extensively renovated 9 years ago. We are delighted to offer this ideal residence to our next rector.





CHT Campus Vision of the Future:
● Restoration of the façade and stonework
● Improvements to narthex and church interior including painting, lighting, and new bathrooms
Centennial Room
● Improved lighting and amplification
● Improve accessibility and connections to the church and parish house
Parish House
● Addition of elevator to make all floors accessible
● Renovations to kitchen, basement, and 4th floor