Clergy & Staff

The real ministry team at CHT is not the paid staff, but each member of our congregation. Much of what happens around here is done by many different people who come to our church each week.  Our staff works to support and encourage the work of the people.  Each person has a different role in supporting the church.  If you are interested in going deeper in the areas you have seen, please get in touch with one of us so we can help you get more involved and grow in your faith.

All staff can be reached by phone through the main number (215) 567-1267.  Extensions are located below.


The Rev. Rachel Wenner Gardner, Rector

The Rev. John B. Gardner, Rector              

 ext. 23


Ms. Soozung Sa Rankin, Program Director

 ext. 16


Dr. John H. French, Organist/Choirmaster emeritus    



Dr. Benjamin Leiby, Organist/Choirmaster pro tempore


ext 21



Felicia Ayala, Nursery Director

Abby Haueter, Nursery Staff


Margaret DiPinto, Director of Operations                            ext. 17

Leda Milazzo, Administrative Receptionist       ext. 10

Cheryl Schweizer, Bookkeeper                                    ext. 24

Jane Lindemann, Parish Accountant                         ext. 24

Ella Christy, Rentals Manager                                              ext. 11

Demetrius Swinson, Assistant to Director of Operations