Giving – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a commitment of financial support for the coming year.  A pledge can always be modified after the fact, but the discipline of prayerfully deciding in advance on a particular percentage of ones income to give back to the Lord’s work can be a transformational decision in our lives, and one that allows the church to more accurately budget for the year to come.  To make a pledge of financial support, click here.

Why should I pledge?

Pledging allows you to intentionally set aside a particular percentage of your income for the Lord’s work.  When you plan your giving in advance, you can prayerfully decide how best to spend money in a way that reflects your values.

While regular non-pledged giving is important, pledging allows the Vestry (the board) of the Church to budget effectively for the coming year.  Without pledges, the Vestry has no way of knowing how much income to expect for the coming year. 

How do I pledge?

The church’s annual pledge campaign takes place in the fall, but a pledge can be made any time, either for the remainder of the current calendar year, or for the upcoming calendar year.  A paper pledge card can be picked up in the back of the church and returned to the offering plate or office, or you can pledge online.

How do I pay my pledge?

You can pay via cash, check, credit/debit card, or via a gift of stock.  Click here for more information.

Can I give online?

Yes, click here to give online or text CHT to 73256. Standard text message rates apply. You may also give by downloading the Realm app from the Apple Store or Google Play

How much should I pledge? 

Since 1982, the Episcopal Church has affirmed the tithe, meaning one tenth of your income, as the minimum standard for giving and encourages its members to tithe or to work towards a tithe.  If you don’t feel you can give to that extent right away, try choosing a lower percentage and gradually working toward a tithe over 3-5 years.  Use this pledge calculator to see how.

What is proportionate giving?

A proportionate pledge is based on a percentage of your expected income.  It is a way of giving that begins with the question, “What has God blessed me with?” rather than “What is left after my other expenses?”

Doesn’t the Church have an endowment?  Is my pledge really needed?

Yes and yes.  We are blessed to have a legacy of faithful Christians who gave generously to our church community.  We have a substantial endowment, and while the endowment generates some income (from the interest on the investments) that contributes to our annual budget, that is not its primary purpose.  The primary purpose of the endowment is to provide for ongoing maintenance of our buildings and to support transformational projects or ministries.  We cannot rely on the legacy of our spiritual ancestors to support the regular ongoing work of the church.  It is our responsibility and joy to give generously to support the current needs of our church community and to ensure we continue God’s work for the next 150 years.

Does the Church accept planned gifts and bequests?

Yes.  We would be extremely grateful if you would remember the Church of the Holy Trinity in your estate plans.  Why not consider the practice of a “tithe” as it relates to your estate plans?  For more information, please contact the church office.