A person is considered a member of The Church of the Holy Trinity when she/he is baptized, attends worship regularly, supports the ministry of the church through pledging ‘treasure, time, talent’, and receives Holy Communion.


An individual moving from another Episcopal Church where he or she was a member may become a member of CHT by contacting their former parish and asking for a ‘Letter of Transfer’ to be sent to CHT.


To be a member with voting privileges, one must have attended CHT for at least one year, have record of contributing to the church financially in the previous year, and have made a pledge to contribute financially to the church in the next year. Pledges may be made by contacting the parish office or by using our online pledge form.

To be a full member of CHT and the Episcopal Church, one must be confirmed or received into the Church. Confirmation is a mature affirmation of faith and a commitment to the Baptismal Covenant that is made before a Bishop of the Church. The service for Reception into the Episcopal Church is very similar to that of Confirmation, and is for those people who have been confirmed in another denomination. This service also often includes Reaffirmation – an opportunity for those already confirmed and received into the Episcopal Church, having experienced a renewal of faith, to publicly renew their Christian commitment.

If you would like further information about becoming a member of the Church of the Holy Trinity, please contact one of the Clergy: The Rev. Rachel Wenner Gardner, OR The Rev. John Gardner, (215-567-1267, ext. 13).