Serve in Worship

Christmas_Slider “The whole Jesus demands the whole person.”
Michael Ramsay, former Archbishop of Canterbury, liked to remind people that our lives require an absolute commitment to the work of the gospel; nowhere is this thought more true than in the roles we accept in the worship of the church. Although ours is a tradition founded in the centrality of liturgy (literally, “the work of the people”), an act performed by all assembled for our worship, there are special roles necessary for the smooth functioning of our services, opportunities that help enrich the lives of those in service and all who are in attendance.

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Acolytes: At CHT, acolytes lead the processions as crucifers and torch bearers, assist the clergy at the altar, act as chalice-bearers and aid in the smooth functioning of our liturgies. If you have an interest in this very important part of our collective life, please contact Barbara Campbell at:

Altar guild: From polishing the silver of the church to preparing the sanctuary for our large variety of liturgies, the altar guild is an indispensable part of our worship life. For more information, please contact Angela Raymond ( and Donald McKenzie (

Choir: One of the glories of our worship at CHT is the music in our services; performing works from Josquin to Britten and leading us in our hymns, they provide leadership in a critical part of our liturgies. Dr. John French is the contact (

Healing Prayer Team: Aiding the clergy in prayers at the altar and offering special opportunities for intercessory prayer following the service, the healing prayer team is an integral part of our worshiping community. Contact Pat Deacon (

2014-12-24 21.10.54Lay Readers: Allowing the spoken word of scripture to penetrate us in our worship is a deep responsibility and our gifted team of readers guides us through a multitude of readings in different worship settings. Our contacts are Anita Nicholson for the 11am readers (, and Esha Bhatia ( for 8:30am readers.

Ushers/ Greeters: Helping the people to be seated and guiding them through the reception of Holy Communion, our ushers are integral to the smooth functioning of our liturgies. For more information, contact Barbara Campbell: