Many people believe that Christian education is simply teaching Bible stories to children. While this is an important component of Christian education, it is only one piece of a life-long process learning and formation. Christian education is about discovering what it means to be Christian in this time and this place.

It is sometimes difficult to determine how to bring the Gospel message forward into today’s world. Christian education gives us the tools, the experience, and the opportunity to converse with others who are making meaning of their faith.

It is helpful when this conversation and exploration begin early. When children grow up attending Sunday school and discussing God with their parents, they are more likely to develop a deep, life-sustaining faith.

Both adults and children are helped to develop a strong faith when they have a forum in which it is safe to ask questions, to seek help, and to admit confusion about belief and about the church.

CHT encourages active involvement in Christian formation by all of its members, visitors, and friends and has educational programs available for God’s children of all ages.



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