Adult Education

Adult Education at CHT takes many forms. Below are some of the programs available for exploring and enriching your faith through Adult Education at CHT.



Wednesdays (beginning Nov. 30)

7-8pm (Parish House)

Culture, History, Poetry, Art, Current Events.

Each hymn we sing is a treasury of different influences.

Come join John & Rachel as we delve into one Hymn (with two tunes, 463 and 464) and the poem that forms the lyrics – W.H. Auden’s ‘For the time being: A Christmas Oratorio’. We’ll use this time for prayer, learning, and fellowship.




Sundays at 9:45 a.m.
This program “between services” is an opportunity for conversation and reflection. It is generally guided by a member of the clergy who will share theological, Biblical and pastoral perspectives as appropriate. The Forum provides a relaxed, safe and informed environment to allow those present to talk about God, their lives and contemporary events.



These classes are designed for those who are considering Christianity for the first time, for those who are new or are returning to the Episcopal Church after a long absence, and for members who simply want to know more about our church. Offered on average once or twice a year, Inquirer’s Classes provide a safe place where questions are encouraged, the Christian faith is explored, and the traditions of the Episcopal Church are examined.



Bible studies take place throughout the year in Home Group settings as well as weeknight meetings at the church. Past bible studies have explored the Acts of the Apostles, the Creation stories, and the Book of Psalms. Bible studies at CHT look at a book’s historical roots, the community for which it was written, and how it affects our lives today. For more information about Home Group bible studies, please see the Home Groups page.



At certain times of the year, particularly during Advent and Lent, a study series will be held on a topic appropriate to the season. These series generally take place on Wednesday nights at 6:30, following Evening Prayer or Evensong, and are led by a member of the clergy or a parishioner.



Lectures and forums provide an opportunity to further explore issues of interest with an expert (or experts) on the matter. They are presented on various topics throughout the year. We are always seeking to bring in topics and speakers that will appeal to the congregation, and we welcome suggestions!



These groups form occasionally to read and discuss a book, usually from the bestseller list. Participants explore how their faith affects their reading of the book, and how the book affects their lived faith. Past books read include Mere Christianity, Blue Like Jazz, Those Episcopalians, The Purpose-Driven Life, and Thomas Merton’s Seven Story Mountain.