Amy Perkins & Jason

Amy Perkins & Jason


How were you introduced to CHT?  How long have you been attending?

Amy: I moved to the area in 2001 and attended services occasionally, but I became much more involved after my son Jason was born 10 years ago.

Jason: I have been a member of CHT all my life.  I was baptized at CHT and have been an active member of the Sunday School for the past 5 years.


How did you first learn about Jesus Christ and His love for you?

Amy: I attended an Episcopal church growing up in New Jersey. I was active in the Sunday School there, and as a family we discussed lessons I learned each week at church.

Jason: I have had a great experience learning about Jesus at the CHT Sunday School.  I liked learning about the parables at Godly Play when I was younger, and now I like reading Bible passages at God Squad.


What did it mean to you when you first learned about Jesus’s love for you?

Amy: As a child, I felt good when I first learned about Jesus’ love for me.  It was very comforting, especially when I was scared or nervous.  And as an adult it calms me during stressful hectic times.  It also pushes me to share His love and to do more for others.

Jason: I felt special when I learned about Jesus’ love for me and that Jesus was reaching out to me.


What have you learned about God by being a part of the CHT community?  Has your understanding of God changed?

Jason:  I have learned a lot about God being a part of the Sunday School.  I learned different things from the various teachers.  I have learned what God wants me to do and what he does not want me to do.  And I learned that God always loves me.  I am learning how to pray and talk to God personally.


What have you learned about yourself by being a part of the CHT community?

Amy: I have learned that there is always a way to find time in my busy life to do things that are important and to get more involved at CHT.  It is always a regarding experience trying something new at CHT.

Jason: I have learned that a lot of grown-ups at the church think highly of me, and that makes me feel like I am really contributing to the church.  In fact, I was honored (surprised) to have been asked my opinions and thoughts for this interview. I have also learned that I have a very strong public reading skill.  I enjoy reading scripture at the Joyful Noise service, and I want to continue to improve and participate in the church service in this way.


Is there something about CHT, or about the Episcopal tradition in general, that excites you and makes you want to invite others to experience it for themselves?

Amy: The inclusiveness of CHT, and the Episcopal church in general, is very important to me.  We are all God’s children and He accepts us for who we are.  CHT is very involved in outreach programs and helping people in the neighborhood and the greater Philadelphia region.


Tell us what activities you’re involved in at CHT.  Why do you participate in the things you do?

Amy: I help the teachers out at Sunday School, because I want to be involved with the children.  Jason and I have participated in the Cook Off sessions in which we assemble meals for people who have difficulty getting around. It is a great opportunity to meet and socialize with other church members while doing something good for our neighbors.

Jason: I go to Sunday School each week to learn about God in very fun ways. Sometimes we learn songs, and recently we started a guitar choir.  This is particularly interesting to me because I already know how to play the guitar, and I can teach the other kids how to play with me.  Another awesome activity I was a part of was the Sunday School retreat.  We met at the church and played games, artistically decorated our shelves in the Sunday School room, had pizza, and saw a movie.  I also read bible passages and prayers at the Joyful Noise service, and I recently played my guitar at Communion.