Jim McElwain


It’s a cliché I suppose, but my spiritual life has truly been a journey with many detours, dead ends and even crashes along the way – along with brief periods of enlightenment and fulfillment. But even when not actively being “spiritual” let’s say through regular prayer or meditation, I’ve come to recognize, over the last 5-10 years, a latent spirituality within me. For instance, I generally see the goodness in people. Or when doing volunteer work in the service of others, I might experience an almost overwhelming sense of peacefulness.  Or when serving as an acolyte at Sunday liturgy, feeling no longer alone, but part of the whole, all of us together struggling perhaps, but with a hunger for wholeness and blessedness as part of the Body.

So as I continue my journey, I believe CHT offers me ample opportunity to continue poking around spiritually in so many ways. I think of them as “points of light” that are available to all of us, and can help us live more satisfying and fulfilling lives:

  • CHT –  a diverse and welcoming community. Good people who want to be of service to the community and to one another.
  • Sermons that challenge, motivate and enlighten. Spirituality I think is both a cerebral and soulful exercise.
  • Liturgies that are joyous celebrations with a superb choir and music program
  • Adult education headed up by priests who are knowledgeable and committed teachers and wonderful facilitators of dialogue among the participants. ( Here I find knowledge, insight and revelation),
  • Enumerable opportunities to volunteer in the service of others.
  • Clergy that care about you, and I’ve been the beneficiary of counseling and encouragement that has made a real difference in my life. As one long time parishioner said to me, “Mark is a very, very good priest.”

                                                                                                                                    -Jim McElwain