Outreach Shop on the Square

CHT has an exciting new project via your Outreach Committee.

We know not when we may next have a Rummage sale. So in an attempt to replace the precious funds raised to augment our Outreach budget, we are opening an online store on the square via our website.

This will of course not only feel different to our users but it will look completely different. At this point, we are seeking up to 20 lovely items for sale on our page.

These items do not need to be new but they do need to be lovely to the point of encouraging a shopper to spend money.

Our last two Rummage sales generated $2000 and it is our hope to generate the same with much less merchandise. This is a bit of an adventure for us and we will never know if we do not try something in these extraordinary times.

If you would like to donate something or a service e.g. a cooking lesson for our CHT square shop please email Annie Thomas, anniet53@gmail.com include a short description and photos if useful.

We will accept merchandise until December 7th.

Click here to see the virtual store on the square.