Reaching Out To Others

Service to the surrounding community and the wider world is important to us.  We take seriously the call in our Baptismal Vows to seek and serve Christ in all people, to strive for justice and peace on the earth, and to respect the dignity of every human being.  Our service takes place in many forms – individually, in groups from the church, and in connection with our community partners.

Here are just a few ways to get involved:


We are truly blessed here at The Church of the Holy Trinity. Our children have the excitement of starting school with all new school supplies ready to go. We also have the privilege to help other children in our city to have that same amazing start to their school year. This Fall, we are being ambitious and generous and joining in three efforts with the organizations below:

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) – Fill the Bus Backpacks

St. James Episcopal Middle School – Health Center Supplies and Art Room Needs

The Center for Grieving Children – Grief Support Group Supplies

If you would like to participate in any way, please bring your items to the church by the end of September and we will pass them along to the three organizations.  Here are some shopping lists for the organizations:

SHOPPING LIST for St. James Episcopal Middle School –

Health Center Supplies:

Disinfecting Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Tissues (large boxes and pocket size), Cough Drops, Lip Balm, Deodorant, and Large Band-aids.

Art Room Needs:

Glue Sticks, Glue Bottles, Sharpie Markers (black and colors), Plastic Round Table Cloths, Colored Pencils, Tempera Paint, Sketch Pads, Pencil Top Erasers, Black/White Composition Notebooks.

SHOPPING LIST for Episcopal Community Services – ECS Fill the Bus Backpacks Project –

School Supplies for Elementary and Middle School Students:

Gender Neutral Backpacks, Glue sticks, #2 pencils, Blue and Red Pens, Spiral Notebooks, Washable Wide Tip and Fine Line Colored Markers, Safety Scissors, Hand-held Pencil Sharpeners, Highlighter Markers, Packs of Wide-ruled and College-ruled Filler Paper, Packs of Graph Paper, Rulers, Packs of 24 Crayons, Sets of 12 Colored Pencils, Pink Erasers, 2-pocket Folders, Packs of Construction Paper, Sets of Watercolor Paints, Protractor, 10-digit Scientific Calculators.

SHOPPING LIST for Center for Grieving Children –

The Center for Grieving Children provides free grief support groups to children ages 5 – 18 and their caregivers at four locations in our city.They also go into schools and communities to run support grief groups that take place during the school day meeting weekly for up to eight weeks depending on the issues. Professionals help children grieve a death to heal and grow through their grief while strengthening families and community. Their work is critical in helping children grow and become successful life-long learners and positive members of their community. Their needs are vast and great and donating items are not limited to this Fall, but for now, we will get them all ready for a successful school year.

Grief Support Group Supplies for children ages 5 – 18:

Thin Ribbon in Various Colors, Sharpie Markers in Metallic and Unusual Colors, Gel Pens, Colored Pencils, Office File Folders (without pockets) in Primary Colors, Beads, Pipe Cleaners, Journal Books, 6×9 Notebooks, Card Stock in Various Colors, Poster Boards, Stickers of All Types for Collaging, Various Stencils, Paper Products (plates, cups, napkins), Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning Wipes, Model Clay or Play Dough, Scotch Tape, Small Stones, Flat Marbles/Lucite Stones, LED Votives, Kraft Cards (blank for making cards), Like New or New Board Games, Activity or Coloring Books, Fillable Ornaments (can be found on Amazon – key words “clear plastic fillable ornaments”).


Sunday LOVE Project:

Every Sunday  we have teamed up with the Sunday LOVE project to help cook, package and distribute meals and necessities to the underserved in LOVE Park each Sunday at 2 pm.  In the evening, they again prepare and serve a sit-down meal for 50+ people from around the city. Every Monday , the Sunday LOVE Project cooks and serves a relaxed brunch for up to 50 people.  

Monthly Cook Off:

Scheduled for the second Sunday of the month after the 11 am Service. Volunteers assemble and package about 100 meals for freezing. The meals are then used by Aid for Friends.  This program began as an outreach to those suffering and dying from AIDS.  Over the years, it has reached families with new babies, the elderly who are unable to get to church, and others who are in need of a few meals every month.  

Episcopal Community Services: During the year we collect and distribute back-to-school school supplies and backpacks for children; cleaning supplies for women and their families transitioning out of the shelter and into their own homes; provide Christmas gifts to children who would otherwise go without; collect funds to support ECS ministries and services throughout the year. 

Holiday Season: We work with the Seamans Church Institute by collecting and distributing “ditty bags” to the seamen at the Philadelphia port.  We arrive on tugboat and bring holiday cheer and necessities to those in port over the holiday.