Announcement: Summer CH@Ts

Over the remainder of the summer, we, as a community of faith, will begin to hold conversations and undertake learning around issues of racism and injustice. There will be opportunities for one-time events and longer commitment. Each session will be preceded with information spanning from short articles, to podcasts, to videos, and even books. We will then gather for conversation and discussion. Our Sunday conversations (Summer CH@Ts) will be grounded in our baptismal vows. Movie and Book discussions will take place during the week.  Affinity or Longer group discussions will meet as the group decides.  All sessions will take place on Zoom.  Please join us! Detailed information will follow -watch Facebook and the enews.

Sundays: 12:00 pm (Full Schedule Here)
Conversation and Learning around Racism and Injustice, centered on our Baptismal Vows.  
Topics to include: racial identity development models, not-racist vs. anti-racist, white supremacy, equity vs. equality, prejudice vs. racism, systemic/individual racism, implicit bias, defunding police, and more.
Every Sunday, July 12 through September 13, 2020.  (Specific topic Here)

One Time Movie Discussions: (Here for more details)
13th (8/20)
The Hate u Give (TBD)

One Time Book/Article Discussions: (Here for more details) 
White Fragility by Robin D’Angelo (8/24)
Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi (8/27)
End of Policing by Alex Vitale (8/31)

Longer Commitment Groups: (dates/time to be determined by participants)
Sacred Ground – 8 week film series on Race by Episcopal Church
Me and White Supremacy – 28 day learning and journaling experience