The Church of the Holy Trinity will continue holding Sunday Services and Weekday Morning Prayer online, and staff will remain working remotely. This is in cooperation with the city’s protocols and the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania’s worship recommendations.  Click here for online Worship Services.

The Episcopal Church takes pride in its legacy of inclusion, revealing God’s love for all through our life together.

Formed as a “Middle Way”, the Episcopal Church combines the best of the Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions, ensuring consistency of structure and worship, but allowing for individual conscience. Over the years, the middle way has become a way of being as a church, helping us to open wide to people of all walks of life.

Leadership and ordination are open to all, understanding both are a gift from God that can be expressed by all in our church, regardless of race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Marriage is also open to all couples.

We strive to make our services welcoming and approachable to everyone, regardless of background, tradition, or faith. Everything you need to follow the service is in the worship leaflet. Our service follows a structured format, with singing, readings from scripture, a sermon reflecting on the readings, prayers, and communion. You are invited to join in as you are comfortable. Everyone who has been baptized in any tradition is welcomed to join us at the altar rail for communion, and if you are not baptized, the priest will offer a blessing over you. At the end of the service, we are called to go out into the world, sharing the love of God with those we meet.