The Church of the Holy Trinity is operating in compliance with the city’s stay-at-home ordinance, and all worship services are online. Click here for online Worship Services.

As the Church on the Square, we believe our calling is to be welcoming and approachable for anyone who comes through our doors. We put everything you need during the service into the Sunday Worship Leaflet. We sing songs out of a hymnal (song book). Some hymns may be familiar to you and some will be new. We encourage you to sing along, or simply listen. During the service, we listen to bible readings, we hear someone talk about the readings, and we pray. The priest then blesses the bread and wine, which we share together. At the end of the service we are called to go out into the world, sharing the love of God with those we meet.

We welcome people of all walks of faith and life to learn more about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.