The Church of the Holy Trinity is operating in compliance with the city’s stay-at-home ordinance. Baptisms for 2020 are on hold.  If you were planning a baptism for 2020 or wish to have one in 2021, please be in contact with our clergy for up to date information.

From the point of view of Christian faith, the most significant and transforming event in a person’s life is baptism.  Holy Baptism is a sacrament by which God adopts us as his children and makes us members of Christ’s body, the Church, and inheritors of the kingdom of God (Book of Common Prayer, p.858). Baptism is a sign of God’s own love for us, unmerited and unconditional. It is a sign of new life and new beginning in Christ.

We baptize people of all ages.


Baptism is a powerful, transformational moment for the entire faith community at which we welcome our newest members, vow to support them, and in so doing reaffirm our own baptismal vows. Thus, baptism belongs in public worship and is incorporated into regular services during the year.

Because of the Covid-19 health emergency baptisms are on hold at this time. Please contact The Rev. Rachel Wenner Gardner for information about baptisms moving forward. 


In the Episcopal Church, Baptism is just the beginning of a lifetime of faith.  We welcome children and adults of all ages to be baptized, if they have never been baptized before.  We recognize all baptisms that have taken place in the name of the Trinity, from all Christian denominations, and there is no need to be re-baptized for any reason.

  • Infants and Children: We ask all parents of infants and young children to speak with our clergy before planning for a baptism.  Together we will walk through the meaning of baptism, the service, ways to nurture the faith of your children.  Godparents are welcomed and encouraged to meet with parents and clergy at this time.  Godparents must be baptized in a Christian tradition.
  • Older Children and Youth: Older children and youth that were not baptized as infants have a special formation within the church. The clergy and Program Director will work with the individual(s) to help them understand what they will be promising and to be full participants in the baptism ceremony. 
  • Adults: Those who wish to receive baptism as adults in the church will participate in classes about the Christian faith in general, and join in the inquirer’s class, which speaks of the particulars of The Episcopal Church.  Adults can be Baptized and Confirmed at the same time, during a Bishop’s visitation.  More information about Confirmation can be found here.

All questions should be directed to our Rectors, The Rev. Rachel Wenner Gardner ( or The Rev. John Gardner (  Or by calling our office (215) 567-1267.