Confirmation is a time when a those who have been baptized in to the Christian faith, make the decision to join the particular arm of the church that is the Episcopal Church.  Those who have been baptized as children have an opportunity to profess their faith as youth or adults through confirmation, reaffirming the promises their parents made for them.  Adults who have been part of other Christian traditions, but have decided to join the Episcopal Church, take this time to ritually declare their intention of being part of this community.  If a youth or an adult has been already confirmed in the ELCA or Roman Catholic tradition (i.e. by a Bishop in the church), they are Received in to the church, not having to be re-confirmed. 

A Bishop is the only person in the church who can Confirm individuals.  The Bishop leads the worship service and lays hands on each individual confirmand while praying for the Holy Spirit to continue to sustain and empower that person. Confirmation is a spiritual journey point in the life of a Christian; it is not a rite of passage that must happen at any particular age. Confirmation preparation includes studying the Bible, Christian history, theology, and the history of the Episcopal church, as well as engaging in service to others, prayer, reflection, and discernment.