In Christian community, death is both an occasion for mourning and an opportunity to celebrate the life lived and the hope of resurrection. Because of this, funerals in the Episcopal Church are best understood as “Easter” liturgies—grounded in the hope of new and eternal life to come. The service comes from our worship book, the Book of Common Prayer

The Church of the Holy Trinity offers memorial services for parishioners and their families, as well as grief counseling and pastoral care for all who seek guidance at a difficult time.  In the event of a death of a member, please let the office and clergy know as soon as possible so that we may meet with the family and begin to make plans for this service. 

We also assist those who wish to pre-plan their service. Please call the office for more information – 215-567-1267.

Interment in Our Columbarium

Individual and/or their family members may choose to be interred in the Church of the Holy Trinity columbarium as a final resting place. Our columbarium is located in our beautiful sanctuary.  For more information, please call the office – 215-567-1267.