Invitation to Holy Week

Dear CHT Community:

We invite you to join us in just a few days for the holiest week in the church – Holy Week. This is the week where we journey with Jesus from his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, his last meal with his beloved friends; his arrest, trial, and cruicifixion, and finally his burial in a tomb.  We are pulled through this week by the promise of Jesus’ triumphant resurrection.  Each day of this week you can join us as we move closer to the cross and then then empty tomb.

We had dearly hoped to be with you to celebrate Easter in person—to enjoy the Peace and the Lord’s Supper and all of the companionship and music.  The health and well-being of God’s people is even more important to us.  Therefore, we have spent the last few weeks delving into the technology available to us, and designing services that we hope will be meaningful and spiritually fulfilling, even though we are apart. We hope you, and your family, will take some moments out of your day next week, to enter into this holy week with us.

 Palm Sunday: 11:00 am (live on Facebook)

We have uploaded a pdf of a palm to print and color and put in your window (be a kid at heart!) or wave during the service.

Our service will stream live at 11 am on Facebook.

First Presbyterian, Trinity Memorial and the Church of the Holy Trinity have put together an ecumenical reading of the Gospel reading from Matthew – it’s amazing – in place of our usual ecumenical palm procession.  You’ll see some familiar faces in it!

 Monday in Holy Week: 12:00 pm (Facebook and YouTube)

A meditation with time for silence will be offered on the Gospel reading for the day – Mary anoints Jesus’ feet. (30 minutes)

 Tuesday in Holy Week: 12:00 pm (Facebook and YouTube)

A meditation with time for silence will be offered on the Gospel reading for the day – Jesus struggles then accepts his fate. (30 minutes)

 Wednesday in Holy Week: 6:30 pm (Facebook and YouTube)

The Service of Tenebrae – prayers and songs offered as we move from lightness into darkness, one candle at a time.  You can join in at home by lighting a candle and turning off your lights.

 Maundy Thursday: 6:30 pm (Zoom Meeting/Facebook Live)

A gathering of the community to share a meal and pray together – just like Jesus and his friends did the night before he died. This year, more than others, we are living Maundy Thursday – locked in a room, not knowing what might happen next, and a little afraid. But they were with Jesus and they were together, and that was enough for that moment.  This will be the most interactive of our services.  Get together some bread (recipe attached), something for everyone to drink, a candle, and join us on Zoom or Facebook to share a meal together and be with Jesus as we all prepare for what will come next.

Good Friday: 12:00 pm (Facebook and YouTube)

Good Friday liturgy: Prayers, silence, meditation on Jesus’ crucifixion and death.

Good Friday: 3:00 pm (Facebook and YouTube)

Stations of the Cross: Walk with Jesus through the Stations of the Cross that hang in our sanctuary (narrated by people of all ages).

 Holy Saturday: 9:00 am (Zoom and Facebook Live)

Prayers and readings for the day Jesus’ rests in the tomb. An ancient sermon entitled “Something Strange is Happening Here” will be played at the end of the service.  It is an incredible sermon by an unknown author and has been read on this day for centuries.

 The Great Vigil of Easter 8:00 pm

The Celebration of Easter begins in darkness.  We light the new fire, we hear stories of God’s promise to us from the beginning, and we shout with joy at the resurrection of Jesus! This will be CHT’s own Easter celebration. A special video featuring members of our congregation will lead us in renewing our Baptismal Vows. If you have a bell or something to make joyful music with and a candle, you can join along with us at home!

 Easter Day: Daybreak (Facebook Live)

A short meditation with prayers as we remember the quiet moment the women discovered the empty tomb and understood Jesus had risen!

 Easter Day: 5:30 am (CBS 6)

Our Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Daniel Gutierrez, will be celebrating and preaching an Easter morning service on CBS 6.

 Easter Day 10:00 am (Facebook Watch Party)

We will join with the Diocese in watching our Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Daniel Gutierrez, preach and celebrate at the Philadelphia Cathedral. We encourage you to dress up, gather together around the computer, and join the watch party on our Facebook page as we all say together: Alleluia, Christ is risen!! The Lord is risen, indeed! Alleluia!