The Church of the Holy Trinity is operating in compliance with the city’s stay-at-home ordinance. If you have booked a wedding in 2020, or wish to book a wedding for 2021, please be in contact with our Rentals Coordinator, Ella Christy ( for the most up to date information. 

Who can get married in our church?

Our doors are open to all who wish to celebrate the sacrament of marriage regardless of sex, gender, or church membership. Because we are a Christian church, one member of the couple must be baptized in a Christian tradition. Members of the Church enjoy first priority for dates and the use of our clergy. Guest clergy are welcome to officiate pending approval by our Rectors.

Our understanding of marriage:

According to our Christian faith, in marriage, each individual—both separately and together—transforms and matures in God’s presence and image. A wedding, then, is a sacred ritual that acknowledges and celebrates your desire to enter a lifelong relationship. Your marriage is a sacrament—an outward and visible sign of God’s grace bringing you together and nurturing your love.

Scheduling a Wedding

We schedule weddings six to eighteen months in advance throughout the year, except during Lent (the six weeks before Easter), and the major festivals of the Christian tradition (Christmas, Easter, etc). Premarital counseling is required for all who wish to be married in the church.

Please contact Ella Christy, Rentals Coordinator, at or call 215-567-1267 ext-11 for more information.