Organ Update: The Good, the Bad, and the Rosy

Dear Friends,


I’m writing to you with a mixed bag of updates on our organ project: some exciting, some disappointing, but all for the good of the whole.   


As you may remember, the last parish-wide update had an estimate of early Spring for the completion of the organ. Unfortunately that timeline has changed, but I assure you some good news on the design front will make up for it.


Late in 2021, when our builder informed us of further delays (yet again), we expressed our dissatisfaction and concern to our principal grantors, the Wyncote Foundation. We then investigated the project’s progress and found some significant quality issues in the gallery.

Together with the Wyncote Foundation, we elected to dismiss our current builder. Now, we’re in the process of receiving bids from two trusted organ builders—both of whom are excited for the opportunity to complete this project to the high quality of standard that CHT deserves.

In the meantime, the project is being overseen by Curt Mangel, curator of the Wanamaker organ at Macy’s. Curt is devoted to getting our project back on track during this time of transition between builders.

The next step in our project involves removing the suspect parts of the previous builder’s work from the gallery. This will require scaffolding, and take approximately one month; therefore, we will not begin this step until immediately after Easter Sunday. Once the removal process is complete, our new builder will be able to begin work, and I’ll have a more accurate timeline to share with you. Additionally, the Wyncote Foundation has arranged matters so we won’t incur any additional costs from the change of builders or the removal of previous work.

Now for that good news: the change in builders has granted us the opportunity to redesign the gallery organ’s layout.  While our first builder chose to block the rose stained glass window with the organ, our new design allows for the rose window to be fully visible! In addition to allowing a full view of this beautiful window, the new design will also permit more natural light into the nave. 


Though I'm disappointed with the delay's we've experienced, I am heartened by Curt's tireless work on our behalf. 

I look forward to telling you more about our new builder in our next communication, and hopefully share new design images with you soon. 


Thank you for your continued patience and support of this wondrous gift.



Rev. John Gardner