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A Note for New and Returning Families,

Our children and family ministry is in a rebuilding phase as we emerge from Covid.


Families are just starting to come back and reacquaint themselves with the community and being in church again.


On most weeks, children and youth can find something to do during and after the 11:00 service on Sundays.


Older children (ages 5th grade and up) are invited to join the acolytes, who carry the cross and candles and help out during the 11:00 service.


Our elementary school kids can join the choristers after church each week to learn music, theology, and prayer with our Director of Music.


Younger children can join our trained child care staff for games and activities between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm in the nursery and youth rooms.


Those who want to stay with their families can find activities in the back of the church to take to the pews with them. Free-range kids, who need to move or toddle around, can hang out in our “Pew Pen” at the front of the church with their families.


Our nursery located on the second floor of the Parish House

Our "Pew Pen" located at the front of the church