Wide Open Doors. Wide Open Hearts.


The Episcopal Church takes pride in its legacy of inclusion, revealing God’s love for all through our life together.   

Formed as a “Middle Way”, the Episcopal Church combines the best of the Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions, ensuring consistency of structure and worship, but allowing for individual conscience. Over the years, the middle way has become a way of being as a church, helping us to open wide to people of all walks of life. Leadership and ordination are open to all, understanding both are a gift from God that can be expressed by all in our church, regardless of race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Marriage is also open to all couples.

We strive to make our services welcoming and approachable to everyone, regardless of background, tradition or faith. Everything you need to follow the service is in the worship leaflet. Our service follows a structured format, with singing, readings from scripture, a sermon reflecting on the readings, prayers, and communion. You are invited to join in as you are comfortable. Everyone who has been baptized in any tradition is welcomed to join us at the altar rail for communion, and if you are not baptized, the priest will offer a blessing over you.  At the end of the service we are called to go out into the world, sharing the love of God with those we meet.


Everyone who walks through our doors or connects with us online are part of our congregation. All are welcome to participate in the life of The Church of the Holy Trinity.


For those looking for a church, we encourage sitting in the pews for a bit, and getting a feel for this church and your place within it. You can also join in our educational events or congregational gatherings or just hang out after the service for some treats and conversation. We welcome families to join us, and have a childcare worker present most Sundays in an area of the Sanctuary with activities.


If you have questions, you can always talk to one of our clergy or parishioner after church or via email/phone/text. 



Joining this church means more than just sitting in the pew. There are many opportunities for you to share your skills, gifts, and talents with our community. We hope that everybody who is a part of this community actively participates in giving back.


The gift of community is that we all bring pieces of ourselves to make the commnity stronger. We think about the things we love and our own unique abilities and find where they fit into the life of this church. And, we give financially to the church, because we believe in the mission and ministry, knowing that the church depends on our gifts to fund our mission.


If you want to officially join the Episcopal Church, there is an initiation right  called confirmation. If you want to know more about this, please talk to Rachel Gardner.