Looking for a Church

The Church of the Holy Trinity is operating in compliance with the city’s stay-at-home ordinance, and all worship services are online. 

The Vision of the Vestry is to be the Christian Presence on Rittenhouse Square; to nourish a community where people can find, connections, meaning, and transformation through

  • a radical welcome – all are invited to be a part of our community
  • creative education for adults and children
  • inspiring worship in the Episcopal tradition
  • service to those who are less fortunate, in the immediate and wider community
  • welcoming groups from the community to use our improved facilities.

If you are new to Church in general, we hope you will find our service easy to follow.  We believe our calling, as the Church on the Square, is to be welcoming and approachable for anyone who comes through our doors.  We worship in the Episcopal style, which is similar to the Roman Catholic style of worship. The clergy and assistants wear vestments (robes) and process into the church. 

We want you to be comfortable when you come. We will be glad to see you!

In our service we recite the same prayers every week. We believe repetition writes the prayers on our hearts, not just rolling off our tongue. This has been our tradition for almost 500 years, and we cherish the language and traditions that people have passed down to us.  Our worship is steeped in our deep theology. In our prayers, you will hear echoes of scripture.

I have never been to a church before:

If you are new to church services, we hope you will find our service easy to follow. We put everything you need during the service into a Sunday leaflet. We sing songs from a hymnal. Some may be familiar to you and others will be new. We encourage you to sing along, but you can also just listen. There is a usual pattern to the order of the service – we listen to bible readings and a homily on the readings. We then pray, bless the bread and wine which we share together, and then go out into the world.

See our Sunday Service Schedule here

See our Weekday Service Schedule here