What to Expect

What Should I Wear?

We want you to be comfortable when you are in our place.  For some that will mean jeans and flip flops, for others, comfortable is a suit and a tie.  You’ll see all of that and pretty much every kind of dress in our church services.  It’s all okay.  We also think that children should be comfortable, so no need to dress them up (unless that’s their thing, then bring on the princess dresses and bow ties!).  The most important thing is that you are feeling good and comfortable in whatever you are wearing! 


What Service Should I Go To?

We have different services, all with their own way of doing things.  See descriptions before to know which will fit you the best:

8:30 AM Communion Service

This service is a quiet and intimate service.  The format of the service is the same as the later service, but we do not sing.  We sit together around the altar and join in a circle around the altar to receive communion.  The priest offers a brief sermon, and people from the congregation help out by reading, setting up and serving at the altar.

9:30 AM Connections

If you’re not used to the more formal way of worshiping at our other services, this is a good place to start to learn how we worship. This service is a short, joyful and fun worship experience for any age, and there is a brief and interactive sermon. For more detailed information about the 9:30 AM Service click here.

11:00 AM Choral Eucharist This is our most formal service and a pretty typical Episcopal Communion service.  Our wonderful organists play music before and after, and our predominantly professional choir leads us in hymns and anthems throughout the service.  A sermon is preached by our clergy, usually relating the scripture readings to everyday life.  Communion of bread and wine is shared at the altar rail, and healing prayers are offered for anyone throughout the distribution of communion.  The words we use are in a printed bulletin, so you don’t have to worry about juggling books.  You’re welcome to stay for coffee and snacks in the Narthex (entry way) after the service.


What about my Children?

Children are always welcome at all of our services.

Quiet bags are available for those who wish to stay with their parents during the service, and there are special quiet areas in the back of the church for those who need to move and wiggle

Childcare is provided by trained staff for children under 3 during the 9:30 education hour and the 11:00 service.

Elementary age children can join their age breakout during the 9:30 education hour, or enjoy storytime and crafts during the 11:00 service.  Children at the 11:00 service will join their families at the peace, during parish notices. 

Middle and High School age children will have a special Youth group during the 9:30 education hour, and can serve as acolytes, readers, or greeters during the 11:00 service.  Those who have interest and are willing to be trained, can also help out with the younger children during the 11:00 service.