This page provides guidelines for employees, vestry, and volunteers to follow when they use digital media on behalf of The Church of the Holy Trinity Rittenhouse Square (CHT), when CHT becomes part of a social media dialogue, and when posting on social media in general.

Social media postings should not disclose sensitive or confidential information, unless the person that the information concerns has given consent to share such information. Church communications may not be used for partisan political messages or paid advertising.

CHT employees, vestry and volunteers who serve in children and youth ministries should keep their professional image in mind. Online conduct and behavior affects this image. CHT discourages staff members, vestry and volunteers from accepting or sending invitations to “friend” youth members within personal social networking sites.

Employees, vestry and volunteers are personally responsible for the content they publish online, including content they publish through their own social media pages. As an employee, vestry member or volunteer of The Church of the Holy Trinity, remember that your online posts have the potential to affect the ministry, even those you make on a personal account. For this reason, we ask that you conduct your online interactions in accordance with the mission of CHT.

Remember to always stay positive. Employees, vestry and volunteers should not speak negatively about other people or other organizations on social media platforms. A positive forward image should always be reflected, and tearing down others is never the way to accomplish that.

During the time of COVID-19 we have moved many aspects of our ministry online and created a larger digital presence. In times of crisis, we have learned it's even more important to maintain a voice of positivity and hope. This doesn't mean ignoring cultural events and issues. Rather, we should address them with our audience in a way that display's God's promises and peace.